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Batavia Family Dentist

Most people know that you should brush your teeth regularly if you don’t want cavities or bad breath. But poor oral hygiene has been shown to cause a lot more problems than that, some even potentially fatal. We, at Batavia Family Dental, know that many of these problems could be prevented by adopting thorough oral hygiene habits, which includes going to the dentist regularly.

There are some problems which only the dentist will be able to treat and prevent, and since we’re here, we have to mention how important prevention is. To fully understand where the situation stands, here are the most dangerous health problems linked to poor oral hygiene:

  1. A Higher Risk Of Heart Disease

It all starts with gum infections. Bacterial accumulation can lead to abscesses and to more widespread gum infections, which will affect your teeth as well. But that’s not the whole story, because, once the stream of bacteria will find a way to reach into the bloodstream, the problems will reach a whole new level all of a sudden. The risk of heart disease and stroke will grow significantly as a result.

  1. The Risk Of Developing Cancer

Your Batavia family dentist takes periodontitis very seriously. This is a gum disease which can lead to massive infections and tooth loss, and that’s not all. Different studies have suggested that patients who have periodontitis are at a higher risk of contracting cancer. It goes to show you can never take too many precautions.

  1. The Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia which has been linked to some causal factors, including oral bacteria, reaching the brain and causing inflammatory responses. These may serve as a trigger for this incurable condition.

  1. The Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

Gum disease can cause inflammatory responses which can cause damages to the blood vessels. In time, your sexual potency might be affected, sometimes irremediably. As experts have shown, people with erectile dysfunction had an extra 80% chance of being diagnosed with severe gum problems on top of that, mainly periodontitis. One more reason for us, as your Batavia family dentist, to spread awareness about the dangers of poor oral hygiene.

  1. The Danger Of Developing Prostatitis

The condition could be triggered by the mouth bacteria causing inflammations and affecting the prostate as a result. The symptoms include irritation, pain when urinating, and an uncomfortable feeling during ejaculation.

These are just five conditions that you are at risk of developing because of poor oral hygiene. Many others can occur, when given enough time, including diabetes, respiratory infections, and even premature birth. The point is that brushing your teeth regularly might not be enough to prevent more severe problems, which can only be detected in time with the help of your dental specialist.

This is why your Batavia family dentist stresses the importance of having healthy oral hygiene and visiting us regularly for checkups and cleanings.

Batavia Family Dentist
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