Dentist Stafford

Dentist Stafford

Dental care is an essential part of the regular medical treatment for you and your entire family. Finding a high quality dental provider is necessary for everyone. If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile you may not know what to expect. The first visit to a dentist in Stafford begins with providing some basic health information so that the proper care can be rendered. A variety of methods will be used to examine your teeth and to review any problems you may be experiencing.

Dental Examination

A dental examination is the first part of every visit to the dentist in Stafford. The dentist will look in your mouth to obtain a visual of your teeth and gums. Then he will utilize x-rays or an intraoral camera to get a close-up view of your teeth. Digital x-rays use low-level radiation – they use about 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. An intraoral camera is a safe and non-invasive technology.

These diagnostic methods are often used during your first visit. They are helpful for establishing a baseline that can be used for future care and treatment. This mouth map will help the dentist track any changes over time. During the initial exam, a jaw joint assessment is done to ensure that your alignment is correct. Also, the dentist will complete a screening for oral cancer.   

Compassionate Dentist in Stafford

Dental care can be frightening, especially if you are experiencing pain. The dentist and entire professional team will put you at ease immediately. A comprehensive exam will be completed and the dentist will explain the situation and provide you with the treatment plan. You can trust the dentist to thoroughly review your case before beginning any care. You will be able to discuss treatments with your dentist so you are comfortable with the care that will be provided.

Using the latest technology helps the dentist provide high-quality care that will be painless. New options allow the dentist to provide dental crowns the same day. In the past, patients had to wait, sometimes weeks, for their crown to be created and delivered. Crowns are needed after extensive dental work such as root canal therapy. If an extraction is necessary a dental implant or bridge might be needed.

High Quality Dental Care

You and your family deserve high quality dental care from a skilled dentist in Stafford. At Batavia Family Dental our professional team has the experience and expertise to handle every type of dental situation, including emergencies. We provide a stress-free environment to make your visit as comfortable as possible, including the use of personal TV/DVD and nitrous sedation if requested. We offer a convenient location and flexible appointments so we are here for you when you need dental care. We can book new patient exams within 24 to 28 hours and we provide same-day emergency treatment. Visit Batavia Family Dental online to learn more about our excellent services or to schedule an appointment.

Dentist Stafford
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