Mini Dental Implants Batavia NY

Mini Dental Implants Batavia NY

Chew, smile, and laugh with confidence

Traditional dental implants are the gold standard to replace missing teeth.  In short, they are small biocompatible titanium posts that are surgically implanted into your jawbone to securely hold dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Between 2-6 months after surgery, when the implant is fully healed and has integrated with your jawbone, the necessary restoration is attached to the post and your smile is as good as new.

But what if we said you could have dental implants and restorations completed in just one visit? Even if you have a fear of surgery, extensive bone loss, or lack the time and resources to attend multiple dental visits – or to even wait for up to 6 months for a new tooth?

Mini implants from Batavia Family Dental can make this happen. Used to support fixed bridges and crowns, mini implants are also an excellent way to secure partial dentures as well as full upper or lower dentures.

Here are some benefits mini dental implants in Batavia, NY:

  • Smaller than traditional implants, they require no surgery – no cutting, sutures, or extended healing time!
  • They are so secure and stable as soon as they have been inserted that the restoration is applied at the same appointment – no temporaries!
  • Less expensive than traditional implants – so you save money!
  • Securely placed dentures stay put when they need to so you can eat, speak, and laugh with confidence!
  • They can also be used in cases where extensive bone loss or a small jawbone makes traditional implants impossible.

If you think you or a loved one can benefit from mini implants, please give us a call to find why so many people just like you have chosen mini dental implants in Batavia, NY to replace missing teeth.

Your oral health is our primary concern and we’d love to see you smile!

Mini Dental Implants Batavia NY
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