Caught In The Middle


      Extra teeth, and what your local dentist in Batavia, NY can do to help

      Normally speaking an adult has 32 teeth if all four wisdom teeth developed and erupted – and weren’t removed because of complications. I say normally, because in some cases, there is no adult (permanent) tooth to replace the baby (primary) tooth when it comes out. This is called hypodontia. Less commonly, there is an extra tooth (hyperdontia) that can appear anywhere in the dental arch. Hyperdontia can involve one extra tooth or many.

      Supernumery Teeth

      When an extra (supernumerary) tooth develops in the mouth, it most often involves the appearance of an adult incisor called a mesiodens (middle tooth). It’s called a middle tooth because it appears between the upper central incisors (top front teeth). Only about 1-3% of the population is affected, and males are twice as likely to develop supernumerary teeth as females. In any case, the tendency to produce supernumerary teeth seems to be inherited. This extra tooth will show up in x-rays when your children are young – long before they even break the gum surface.


      Aside from the fact that supernumerary teeth are unsightly, they can damage neighboring teeth. Our jaws just aren’t large enough to handle even one extra tooth. Another problem is that, like wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth don’t often grow in properly and may become impacted or grow in sideways. Sometimes they don’t even look like teeth – they can be peglike, conelike, or toothlike. In most cases they contribute to malocclusion (improper bite), making it more difficult to clean the teeth and leaving your child at risk for decay and trapped food later in life.

      For these reasons, extracting the extra tooth is in the best interest of your child. It is best to do so before age five, when the root of the mesiodens is not yet fully developed.

      Early Detection

      By scheduling regular checkups for young children, extra teeth, missing teeth, and other potential tooth problems can be detected early and treated with fewer complications.

      Today, there is no need to worry about an imperfect smile—it can be repaired using any number of the methods now available.  Whether your child has an extra tooth that needs removal, or you are unhappy with teeth that are not white and bright, we have options to help.

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      Yours in dental health,
      Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy