Dull, Yellowing Teeth? Cosmetic Solutions Can Restore An Imperfect Smile

While some have adopted the habit of drinking an early-morning glass of hot water with lemon juice to get their digestive systems working, this supposedly healthy routine does their teeth no favors. The fact is that lemon juice is a strong acid that eats away at tooth enamel. As this erosion occurs, the teeth may become increasingly sensitive. As the tooth enamel weakens further, it effectively dissolves to the point where fissures may appear. Over time, as the enamel erodes, the underlying dentin will begin to show through the translucent enamel. At that point, teeth will appear to be yellow and will become increasingly so. Unfortunately, no number of tooth-whitening products can counteract this effect. But all is not lost! As your dentist in Batavia, at Batavia Family Dental, we have cosmetic solutions to keep you smiling!

Dental Veneers

A veneer is an extremely thin – yet strong – tooth-colored composite resin or porcelain shell that covers the front surface of your tooth. Here are some of the benefits of veneers, in addition to being a cosmetic solution to dull, yellowing teeth:

  • Brighten teeth that have been discolored by coffee, tea, red wine, or even medications like tetracycline
  • Hide cracks, small gaps, and chips
  • Correct misshapen teeth
  • Straighten the look of slightly crooked or recessed teeth
  • Create uniformity in your smile by correcting color, shape, and size of a tooth (or teeth).
Dental Crowns

A crown (or cap) is a fixed prosthetic device which simply means it’s a tooth restoration that you don’t remove – it stays permanently in your mouth to cover a tooth. It refines its shape, alignment, color, and function, which makes them a perfect cosmetic solution to many smile woes. Cosmetic crowns are made of porcelain. They’re so life-like, only you and your dentist in Batavia – us! – know that you’re sporting one.

Dental Bonding

The key to this type of tooth repair is “composite resin,” which is a pliable, tooth-colored mixture of plastic and silica filler that your dentist in Batavia applies in layers. Due to its strong adherence and hardening qualities, composite resin creates an exceedingly strong repair or cosmetic solution. The hardened bonding resin also can be sculpted so that the repaired tooth looks as good as new. It can beautifully transform imperfections and damage, helping you smile with greater confidence!

A healthy shiny smile goes a long way. But many of us aren’t completely satisfied with how we look when we flash our pearly whites … when they become stained, dull, or damaged. If you think any of these cosmetic solutions could help you smile more, give us a call. Let’s get your smile on!

Yours in dental health,
Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy, dentist in Batavia

P.S. Dentists strongly suggest that if you do drink highly acidic beverages, you sip them through a straw. In addition, never brush your teeth after drinking or eating acidic drinks or foods, when tooth enamel is most vulnerable. Wait at least an hour.