How We Can Help When You’re Missing A Tooth

Dental care

The term “anodontia” is used to describe the genetic or congenital (hereditary) absence of teeth. The teeth most commonly missing are the “lateral incisors” (on either side of the two front teeth) and the “second bicuspids” (two teeth behind the canine, or eye, teeth). As you might imagine, missing these teeth poses some problems beyond cosmetic. When holes are left where teeth should be, other teeth may slowly shift out of place, changing the way teeth fit together and may adversely affect your bite.

Depending on the teeth that are missing, your Batavia, NY dentist can provide a variety of tooth-replacement options, including:

  • a partial denture,
  • a Maryland bridge (resin bonded),
  • a bridge, or
  • a crown supported by a dental implant.

It’s one of life’s simple truths—no one gets more than one set of permanent teeth. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but you have to work at it; you have to want to keep them badly enough to do what needs to be done. And if that means protecting them by eating and drinking healthy foods and beverages, brushing and flossing regularly, and having regular professional visits, then we hope you will contact BATAVIA FAMILY DENTAL for an appointment.  Located at 6 Batavia City Centre, our leading-edge dental office will give you a reason to smile!

Yours in excellent dental health,
Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy, Batavia Family Dental

P.S. If left untreated, anodontia can lead to malocclusion, gum damage, impeded bone (jaw) growth, reduced chewing ability, inarticulate pronunciation, and other possible problems.