Loosely Speaking

Dentures are a solution that many people turn to when they are missing some or all of their teeth. And like the rest of your teeth, they need regular attention – and maintenance.
Regular attention:
When you’re fitted with artificial replacements for all your teeth (dentures) or just some of your teeth (partials), look for signs of loosening or irritation. The fact is that areas of the jaw without teeth tend to shrink over time. Because of this loss of bone, and because dentures are custom fit to your personal needs, they – and partials – may become loose or wobbly over time.
If you find your dentures or partials need increasingly more denture adhesive to stay in place, it is likely a sign that they need to be adjusted.
Maintaining a good fit:
This problem may be addressed by relining them with new material; however, sometimes the dentures and partials may need to be replaced.
Improperly fitting dentures or partials…
  • Can shift pressure to other areas
  • Cause gum irritation and accelerated bone loss.
Changes in the fit of dentures and partials should not be ignored.
Well-fitting dentures and partials…
  • Help you smile with confidence
  • Let you eat crunchy nutritious foods that support overall health and wellness.
One of our basic philosophies at Batavia Family Dental is that our patients must recognize the need to take charge of their dental health and do what is necessary to prevent, arrest, or control their own dental conditions. We’ll work together as a team with you to achieve the long-term benefits that quality dentistry affords. From sound advice about dentures and partials to routine well visits to major dental reconstructions, we’ve got your dental needs covered.
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