My Tooth Is Cracked!

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          Cracked teeth are often difficult to diagnose because the crack may not be visible even on an x-ray. The first symptom of a cracked tooth is usually pain when biting or discomfort when inhaling. This pain can be instant and severe but settles down quickly … until the next time you inhale cold or warm air or bite down on something hard. 

          A cracked tooth is a fracture in the tooth enamel that can be caused by:

          • Wear and tear
          • Aging
          • Grinding of the teeth (bruxism)
          • Chewing ice, gum, nuts, or hard candies
          • Biting down hard on a bone, pit, or other hard object. 

          A crack can get larger and deeper with further wear and may cause serious injury to the tooth or promote an infection of the root.

          Depending on the severity of the crack, it can be treated with:

          • Dental bonding: Using the same material we use to give you a tooth colored filling, we can fill the crack, making your tooth stronger, and protecting the inner layers from bacteria
          • A veneer: As thin as a contact lens, veneers cover the surface of the crack, sealing it much the same way that bonding will.
          • A crown: Covering your entire tooth with a crown prevents the tooth from completely fracturing while also protecting the inner layers of your tooth from bacteria. We can mill your crown onsite while you wait – so if you’re looking for a same-day crown this is a convenient option. 

          The pain of a cracked tooth is the body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. When you ignore the pain, however, you also ignore the underlying problem, and relief slips farther and farther away. Be smart!  

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          Yours in dental health,
          Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy


          P.S. “Craze lines,” tiny, shallow, painless cracks that affect only the outer enamel, are common for adults. They can be treated if they are deemed to be unattractive.