Poor Oral Health Linked To Frailty


      If you look after your mouth, it will help look after you.

      Research shows that good oral and dental hygiene can prevent serious medical issues. As we age, we become more susceptible to tooth loss, gum disease, tooth decay, and dry mouth. These oral issues are linked to frailty in older adults, especially men.

      What does this mean?

      Frailty is a medical term used to describe becoming weak and more vulnerable to declining health or the inability to perform daily activities. Exhaustion, weak grip strength, slow walking speed, weight loss, or low levels of physical activity are the most common symptoms. This can lead to falls, disability, and in some cases, death.

      How can you prevent frailty?

      Good oral health ensures the ability to adhere to a nutritious diet which builds strength. To maintain good dental hygiene and a healthy smile, it’s a must to take the steps to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. This includes:

      • A healthy diet
      • Diligent brushing and flossing
      • Regular professional cleanings and exams.

        Research shows that adults who have better dental health live longer, stay healthier longer, and enjoy a better life!

        What can we do for you or a loved one?

        If you’ve entered your golden years, or are caring for an aging parent, you can count on us at Batavia Family Dental to maximize your/their oral health, leading to a better quality of life! With regular cleanings and exams, we will make you aware of any areas of concern. We’ve been helping adults over the age of 40 preserve their smile for many more years.

        Whether you are in our office for oral health tips or for your regular care visits, our personal, casual, and relaxed style in providing quality dental care will make you feel at home. We’ll take the time to determine your needs, answer your questions about the latest techniques and materials, and make sure you are comfortable.

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