Sugary Drinks

sweet drinks for your teeth

Sugary and carbonated beverages can damage your lovely smile. It’s a well-known fact that consuming too much pop and fruit drinks can result in tooth decay. There are also some alcoholic beverages that aren’t so great.

It has recently come to light that if you indulge in Aperol Spritz, a popular Italian-inspired cocktail, you could end up with the “prosecco smile.” Read on to find out how these drinks can be detrimental to your oral health.

How do these drinks affect your smile?

      • The Aperol Spritz is acidic and contains sugar. If you enjoy it a little too much, it can wear away at enamel. Carbonated beverages like this one get their fizz from the release of carbon dioxide, and that turns into carbonic acid. This acid makes the drink nice and bubbly, but it isn’t good for the outer surface of your teeth.
      • Sugar from these drinks attaches to your smile. Then bacteria, that naturally occurs in the mouth, eats away at the sugar that has been left behind. The problem is that this process results in the production of acid. Acid eats away at your enamel – and you end up with weaker, thinner enamel. This greatly increases your risk of getting cavities.

      What are the signs of cavities?

      You might not notice a cavity when it first develops. However, over time, you will probably experience any of the following symptoms:

      • Toothache/sensitivity
      • Minor to intense pain when drinking or eating something hot, cold, or sweet
      • Brown, black, or white marks on any part of your tooth
      • Increased pain and sensitivity when biting down
      • Holes or pits (a small depression) in teeth
      • Pus around a tooth.

      How can you protect yourself?

      The best thing to do is avoid sugar-filled drinks entirely. Healthier options include water, milk, and natural fruit juices. If you’re looking at natural juices, read the label to see if the juice content exceeds 10 per cent. Drinks with seltzer water further reduce your sugar intake.

      Then there are the preventative measures you can take. Brush and floss daily, and also swish with mouthwash to eliminate any lingering bacteria. It’s also a good idea to rinse with water after you’ve had anything that can attack tooth enamel.

      Remember that when it comes to food and drink … moderation, like anything else in life, is important!

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