Your Dentist In Batavia Wants To Keep You Free Of Gum Disease!

You may have periodontal (gum) disease and not even know it, and as your dentist in Batavia, at Batavia Family Dental we want to help you avoid the serious health implications that can come with untreated gum disease.

An estimated 65 million Americans have some form of gum disease, which leaves them vulnerable to infection and tooth loss. Worse yet, many people are ignoring signs of gum disease that might otherwise lead them to effective treatment before their problems grow worse and more difficult to treat. It is important to recognize common symptoms of gum disease, which include spitting blood after brushing and flossing. This is a sign of the mildest form of gum disease, called “gingivitis,” which can be treated rather easily. However, symptoms such as wiggly teeth and receding gums may be indications that gum disease has progressed to more severe “periodontitis,” which calls for immediate attention to prevent both tooth and bone loss.

You can trust us – your dental health professionals at Batavia Family Dental – to spot the signs, diagnose the level of disease, and recommend the right treatment to protect your smile and overall health.

What causes gum disease?

After devoting many years to research, scientists and dental professionals have found that different forms of oral bacteria are to blame, including Streptococcus mutans. Gum disease develops when these bacteria accumulate. You know it as plaque, the clear and sticky film that you see and feel when it builds up on and between your teeth and gums.

When you develop gum disease, you probably won’t exhibit any symptoms at first. However, as gum disease worsens over time, you will experience swollen, tender and/or bleeding gums. An unpleasant taste in your mouth is also likely. As the disease progresses, other symptoms can include receding gums, loose teeth, and mouth sores.

How serious can gum disease be?

An infection can do a lot more damage than just cause inflamed gums, it can destroy the structures that support your teeth – tendons, ligaments, and bone. Ultimately, tooth loss will occur. Scientific research also supports a strong link between gum disease and other serious systemic medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, oral cancer, some cancers, and even Alzheimer’s.

It’s possible to prevent – and even reverse – gum disease, but we have to do it hand-in-hand. At Batavia Family Dental, we encourage an easy 3-step preventive measure: brush at least twice a day, floss every day, and come see us, your dentist in Batavia, for your regular teeth cleaning and checkups!

If you’re showing signs of gum disease, give us a call right away. We will complete a thorough exam of your teeth and gums, plaque level, bone structure, and check for risk factors. If there’s anything you should be doing differently to keep your smile healthy, we’ll let you know exactly what that is.

Then you can smile with confidence, knowing that you’ve taken all the right steps to preserve your smile and stay healthy and beautiful. Call us today!

Yours in dental health,
Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy, dentist in Batavia

P.S. Symptoms of gum disease include plaque buildup, bad breath, and sensitive teeth.