Pale Gums? Our Dentist In Batavia Can Help You Find The Cause And Recommend Treatment To Help

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When gums are healthy, they should be a relatively consistent shade of pink. While there may be variations (slightly lighter around the teeth and darker around the sides of the mouth), gums that become pale should be brought to the attention of a dentist in Batavia.

Causes Of Pale Gums


In many cases, pale gums are related to “anemia” (when the body is not getting sufficient oxygen-rich blood). Anemia can result from a lack of iron, folate, or vitamin B-12, or a medical condition. Other symptoms you may experience in addition to pale gums and skin is fatigue or weakness, headaches, cold hands and feet, and dizziness or light-headedness. A visit to Batavia Family Dental can rule out other causes.


Pale gums may also arise from oral “leukoplakia,” which can cause uniform, thin, white patches to develop on the gums that you can’t rub off. In most cases, leukoplakia patches are harmless; however, they can transform and become cancerous, especially if you have red spots too. As a dentist in Batavia, I can help with a diagnosis, and if necessary, and oral cancer assessment and exam.


Fluctuating hormones can cause all kinds of issues, but some menopausal women develop a mouth and gum infection called “gingivostomatitis.” Along with pale (or dark) gums, sufferers can also experience bleeding gums. If you’re able to take estrogen supplements, this may resolve the issue. Make sure gingivitis (gum disease) isn’t the cause, call for a checkup and cleaning.

As a dentist in Batavia, I know that there are many health concerns that show up first in the mouth. That’s why I recommend consistent care from a team who will track changes over time and take a comprehensive approach to your oral healthcare.

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Dr. Steve Sokolovskiy, dentist in Batavia

P.S. Pale gums can be caused by oral “lichen planus,” which is a film of web-like, slightly raised white threads that develop throughout the gums’ mucous membranes. There is no cure, but symptoms can often be managed.